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Unbranded Hippie

Did you have anyone who warned you of things to come after giving birth to your precious little one? Nope..well me either. Sure I had plenty of people evaluating me while I was pregnant and letting me know how awful giving birth would be, but no one ever mentioned the...


I haven't shared with you in a while any baby items that I use or recommend, so today I'm doing that. Just to remind you, Hayes is 6 months old so depending on how old your child is, he or she may not be ready for these or may be past the point of using them! Look I'm...


As most of you, I tried to prepare as much as possible for parenthood! I read article after article, questioned all my friends and family and even questioned my Doctor and his PA an annoyingly amount throughout my whole pregnancy. I had a shower where I got everything...

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Denae Beedlow