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Unbranded Hippie


As my wedding planning began one of the most stressful things to me was organizing a cohesive look for the bridal party paired with Matt and I. Tying to balance my vision, with the needs/wants of Matt and the needs/wants of each member was hectic. A lot of brides will...


To some marriage is scary and to some it's the one thing they've wanted their whole life. I can tell you that I was both. I wanted my whole life to be married and I was always seeking a man in my life that I could share things with, however I've never been the girl wil...

This is the first post of the series that you've all been waiting for  and I'm so excited to finally share all my DREAM WEDDING details. I'm starting the series going over my bridals. I'll be telling you all my details about my dress, jewelry, makeup and hair! You'll h...

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Denae Beedlow