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Unbranded Hippie

It's no secret that I love to workout. All you followers know it's an important part of my mental health and it's an important part of me! About 3 years ago I started the SWEAT program. It was created and founded by Kayla Itsines. She now has other girls helping her wi...

These are all low calorie and SUPER tasty! I've gathered these along the way from other bloggers and friends! I hope you enjoy them as much as me!

Vanilla/Carmel Iced Coffe

60 Calories

-Unsweetened Iced Coffee

-3 Pumps Sugar Free Vanilla

-1 Pumps Carmel

-Sugar Free or Light...

If you suffer from anxiety or depression you might be shocked how much one simple thing can impact your life so greatly. If you don't suffer from either, you still might be pleased with how you feel after taking the time to make your bed each morning!

#1: Sense of Purpo...

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