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Voyage of Texas

"into the wild i go; losing my way, finding my soul." -unknown

A week or so ago I got to go see my best friend get married to the woman of his dreams and I figured while I was headed down to his wedding I would make a little road trip out of it! We were already going to be in Schertz, Texas {Don't forget my last name is Schertz} so I knew I had to complete a little family tour and history lesson. Below you see me trying to be cool and take a photo with my name in a few places.

So short-quick lesson on the town of Schertz, Texas. First it was founded by my great, great, great, great, great, great {I really have no clue how many greats} grandpa. He was a german native who brought his family over to work the harvest fields after slaves were freed. He was hired at cheap labor to do this job alongside many more families, too {chasing the american dream}. After doing this a few years, he decided to take his {my} family back to Germany and boarded a boat. On this trip he crossed paths with another man who was sailing back to New Braunfels and needed workers willing to make more money but still working in the fields {i'm sure you are catching on now that this is why agriculture is in my blood and why my family still harvest to this day}. While in New Braunfels, my family made a name for themselves and the kids of my great, great, great, great, great grandpa ended up moving to different part of Texas and settled to start their own farms. This is how Schertz, Texas was put on the map. It started out that a lot of the famous Schertz clan members lived there farming and investing their time in other agricultural avenues but it eventually became so much more, as they founded the town. Throughout the years most people in the political office were a Schertz family member up until more recently when others took office. Although I have known this town was a big part of who I am as a person, I have never had the time to actually stop in and explore my heritage. Finally I did and I would have to say it was an experience I will never forget. I honestly can't say that I have felt more connected to who I am, than I did in the few short hours I spent learning and searching for my family legacy.

After we explored Schertz, we went on to shopping in San Marcos at the premier outlets {i definitely couldn't pass that up} and also enjoyed stopping in Waco so that I could see Magnolia!

My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy and I'm sure so did all the people in the cars driving by. I will say we went to Magnolia at the most perfect time. It was closed so not a soul was in sight and I was able to walk around the property without feeling claustrophobic and rushed! I mean yes I didn't get to go in the store or buy a treat from the bakery but I'll be back to do that soon! I was just excited I got some neat photos and I was able to walk around to actually take it all in!

I actually took these last two bad girls on my own {don't be too impressed with my amazing photography skills}. If you haven't ever been to Magnolia, people aren't lying when they say it's a must see. It truly is breathtaking and magical {I mean this could just be the feeling I got as the sun was setting and I was enjoying the peace and quite}, but really the whole time I was thinking to myself how does the Lord bless people the creative mind to come up with something like this in the middle of down town. It's unique and just...WOW!

After Waco we stopped in West at Czech Bakery and got some yummy treats! We also spent a little time doing my favorite thing of all, THRIFT SHOPPING {I have some really fun vintage pieces coming up, by the way} and then headed back home to good ole Decatur, Texas. I was a short but fun little getaway and I can't wait for my next adventure! I have many trips planned coming up soon, so stay tuned if you don't want to miss out on all my fun travels and neat stops along the way! Don't forget to subscribe and stay updated!


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