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Life's Been Crazy..Now I'm Having A Baby!

"Because of you I can feel myself slowly but surely becoming the me I have always dreamed of being."-Tyler Knott

I've left you all a little lost lately, not hearing from me in a month or so and first I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you who continue to follow me and show your loyalty! It's truly amazing the community I've grown here at The Unbranded Hippie! I love blogging and sharing with you my favorite fashions and styles but now that it's a new year, I'm going to be sharing a lot more! This will include some other passions, like home decor and DIY projects, and other things I love like music and new adventures! If you don't know already or haven't heard on one of my other social platforms...I'M PREGNANT!! and ENGAGED!! Baby showers, gender reveals, wedding planning and much more will all be shared with you! Every bit from my struggles and experiences to my favorite photographers and venues, are coming your way! As I've been going through changes with my body and hormones, I've also realized that I've branded myself really well as a Western Influencer and Im not so sure that's really all I am or what I want to be about. Don't get me wrong, western fashion is one of my favorite fashions and my lifestyle definitely goes hand in hand, however I also want to share with you others fashions I love! Some days I like to dress very modern and city like and other days I'm back to my roots in my boots. So things are changing around here and I may even be changing the look of my blog, all though I do love my hippie vibe and it's a pretty good representation of my bohemian side. I just think I want to be open to more women and reach a bigger volume in order to make a change! What are your thoughts? White background, gold accents, florals? Message me your input!

Now moving on, let's wheel it back a little and talk about the moment I found out I was pregnant...UM SCARY! I was absolutely terrified of what others would think because Matt and I weren't married yet, terrified that I would do something wrong or cause something terrible to happen, the thoughts consumed me to the point that I told matt in the worst way! As he come home I was crying in my closet (the room one, not a tiny one) and I was holding the pregnancy test. I just ran to him buried my head and eventually tossed him the test. I had always thought I'd do something really cute like put in a present box or do something really clever for him to figure out, nope. So that's that. I've had a lot of people ask me how I surprised him and at first I felt inadequate but now I just realize that everyone reacts in their own way and finding out your going o be a mom is a lot of pressure and immediate responsibility.

This bring me to my next point... MEN DON'T GET IT! I love Matt very much but honestly, no matter what kind of guy, they just don't understand what we as women go through, the immediate responsibility we feel, the overwhelming information we have to learn. Matt's a great guy and he's so excited and ready to be a dad, a child couldn't get any luckier I promise (and I'm not just being biased), but for him it's all excitement and preparation right now, well semi-preparation. I am already not sleeping all night because I'm up peeing every hour and he's snoozing or shall I say snoring away in his sweet dreams. I'm constantly in pain from growing and if your small before hand like I was, it hurts worse!! And Matt, he works hard but the last thing I want to hear when he comes home is about him being sore!! But even though this a very trying time in a relationship, it's also one of the most exciting and it's our job as women to understand that even though were being very hormonal and we're super annoyed by everything, especially our men, that we have to try and live in the moment and enjoy him and his excitement, appreciate that it's a different experience than what we're having and look forward to the moment when they hold their child for the first time and feel what you've been feeling for 10 months, and although it's hard we too have to let them help us and explain to them what it is we need! Communication people!

So we actually have started going back to counseling to work on communication even more, not because we have a problem thats more serious than your usual petty arguments hear and there but because I want to make sure that this experience is enjoyable for us and that I am working through my own emotions instead of taking them out on him. I'm a firm believer in counseling and this was long before Matt came along. I actually started in college for my anxiety and loved it!

I want to end this little blog by sharing the coolest and worst things that have happened to me so far during my pregnancy! Let me warn you there is more bad than good as of right now, but I'm hopeful that changes soon!


1. Hearing the heartbeat was the sweetest moment ever and Matt cried (don't tell anyone, he'll die if he reads this but it was sweet!)

2. Having my first sonogram and seeing that I was growing an actual human was crazy exciting!

3. The fact that I can eat whatever and no one questions me! (I do encourage to eat a lot of protein though and try not to only eat sweets!)

4. My boobs have grown a whole cup size in 4 months!


1. I was terribly sick with night sickness all night long for over a month!

2. It then switched to morning sickness!

3. Not being able to workout until recently has sucked,

4. My allergies are by far worse and literally you can't take medicine other than two options, it's awful!

5. My hormones have been so out of wack and my mood swings are crazy!

6. This pregnancy acne has overtaken my entire chin (but thank god it's getting better!)


Unbranded Hippie

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