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Our Engagement Style!

I've had a lot of compliments on our engagement photos so I thought I'd share all the details here! We went with a western theme because Matt is a roper and I'm a born and bred country girl myself!

Where Did We Shoot?

We actually took our photos on my family ranch where I spent most of my childhood growing up and where I choose to spend a lot of my time now! It's my happy place and most of my family still lives there! All the barns and silos you see have been there for decades!

Matt's Style:

Sport Coat: Belk | Pants: NRS | Boots: NRS | Hat: NRS | Necklace: Tittor Buckles & Spurs

Look-a-Like Pieces:

Sport Coat: Kohl's | Boots: NRS

My Style:

Dress: Swift & Co. | Shoes: T.J. Maxx | Hat: NRS | Hat Pins: Spoiled Cowgirlz | Necklace: Kendra Scott

Look-a-Like Pieces:

Dress: Cargo Chic | Shoes: Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe

Photographer Details:

Katee Bratcher Photography


Location: Whitesboro, Tx

Travel: Yes, plus fee

Pricing: Completely affordable and the best rate I found in North Texas!

My best advice for any new bride-to-be planning engagement photos is to be true to who y'all are as a couple! Don't try to mimic others or bloggers you see! Pick a place that hold memories for y'all like where you had your first date or somewhere y'all like to go to frequently. When it comes to what you should wear, where something in your closet already! DO NOT go buy a dress or outfit just for pictures! You should both where something that you already own and have worn because it means that it's actually your style and your not trying to be someone you're not. I had this dress for over a year and actually my sister-n-law and I share it back a forth! I chose to wear my hat in some photos to show my western side but then I took it off to show that I like dressing more "city street" too! If your man is into a style that isn't really yours and your styles aren't blending well, you can always ask me for help! I style boutique and photography shoots ALL THE TIME, and I'm more than willing to work for you too!


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