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5 Difficult Things of Parenthood

As most of you, I tried to prepare as much as possible for parenthood! I read article after article, questioned all my friends and family and even questioned my Doctor and his PA an annoyingly amount throughout my whole pregnancy. I had a shower where I got everything I registered for and didn't need, I went to a 6 week class with my friend Lyndzey where we learned all about birth and after, and I even went as far as reaching out to mommy's through my blog that I didn't even know in order to gain new perspectives! Yeah I was a little much right? But hell, I was nervous and scared as most of you were and are! Anyways, I've compiled a list of my top FIVE hardest things that have come to me in parenthood. These are the things I didn't realize would be so difficult even with all the preparation I did! I'm curious to see if any of these made your list, so drop a reply in the comment section below PLEASE!


Breastfeeding. No matter how many mommy's told me they quit because it was difficult or told me that it is a full-time job, I didn't realize that they weren't exaggerating. IT IS A FULL-TIME JOB! Let me warn you now, if you tend to be a lazy person or you tend to not have determination in finishing something you've started, then know now that you probably won't like breastfeeding and you probably won't make it long. And even if you aren't this type of person, you may not make it long because it's that DANM HARD! Plus so many factors play into it as well! You may not produce enough, your milk may never even come in, your baby may not latch well (which makes this job 1,000 times harder) and you may just not enjoy the pain (serious pain) that comes a long with it. I myself love breastfeeding and although I've wanted to quit most of the time, the bond I get to experience with my son is nothing I would trade. Getting to this point has taken a lot of energy, TIME and lot's of nipple products. Oh and training from other mom's, my sister-n-law and the nurses I had in the hospital. With breastfeeding, you can't be afraid to ask questions and ask for help. If you are a person not willing to do this, stop now or be prepared to get out of your comfort zone. People WILL touch your boobs and nipples, especially in the hospital. Now with all that said, I DO NOT JUDGE anyone who has quit, couldn't, didn't or felt weird towards breastfeeding. MOMMY YOU DO WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU, I'm only here to give you my personal opinions that you don't have to take.


Time Management. This is the death of me. I suck at managing my time now that I'm a mom. My house is filthy, my dishes are piled up, I have laundry for days, no time to cook (which honestly I didn't do much of that before), I can't use the restroom when I need to, easting is practically non-existent and trying to find time to finish my real estate schooling and blog I can forget about it. I spend 100% of my time being a mom, holding my baby, feeding him, changing him, rocking him, bathing him and the list goes on and on. HOWEVER, I WOULDN"T CHANGE ANY OF THIS FOR ANYTHING. This although stressful is way better than going to a normal 8-5 job and it's way better than having someone else do all of this for my child. I'm extremely blessed and lucky that Matt is letting me be a stay-at-home mom and that we can financially make it work. BUT, don;t be afraid to admit that you need a break every now and then and don't feel selfish for trying to take time for yourself by letting your significant other take on the responsibility when they get home or by letting your mom come over to help! Heck my dad comes by at least once a week for an hour or so to give me time to shower!


Emotions. IF you thought your hormones were messed up during pregnancy, you may end up being like me and many others and have a difficult time adjusting after birth. This doesn't mean your depressed because I got cleared of PPD but you may still cry a lot, have mood swings and just plain be a bitch. You don't mean for it to happen but it might! I feel like most of it is due to sleep deprivation and sadly, there is no medicine to cure that! Just talk to everyone around you about what your feeling, it's the best medicine! I struggled with not wanting anyone to hold my baby and I'm still currently struggling to want to share my baby.


Sleep Deprivation. You hear about this all the time. If you're like me again, you may chalk this one up and say "I can handle it!" I personally have always been a night-owl and even though I normally need a good 10 hours of sleep to function, I underestimated myself. I should have known, really. I mean who needs 10 hours of sleep to function anyways? Good lord i'm a joke, laugh out loud. But pretty much the entire first month you will question why you did this to yourself and be unbearably miserable. Your days run together because your night doesn't exist and your baby is crying 24/7. It's a lot. I can't even explain the feeling of it.


Going Anywhere. I really didn't think this one would be a huge issue but I've realized since having a baby how many rude people there are in this world. First off I have to pack a million things just to go to Walmart and sometimes I forget things because I'm human. Second off, carrying everything and trying to open doors is ridiculous and those rude people I mentioned,well they watch you struggle! Not even a simple door hold. Yesterday someone nearly ran me over just to get through the door before us. Also the weirdos out there, too, who want to touch your baby and get all up in your business are frequent. I literally had some lady come and sniff my baby as I was changing his poop diaper in the bathroom. She literally rubbed her nose on him...I secretly hope all she smelled was rank because I was pissed.

There you have it, my personal TOP 5 Difficulties I've dealt with since becoming a mom! Don't forget to drop a comment and share your own personal difficulties!


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