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How I Got My Body Back!

I made it a goal my entire pregnancy to be very conscious of what I was putting in my body. I also worked out up until I was about 5 months pregnant regularly and up until 7 months occasionally. If you have complimented me lately, THANK YOU. You are helping me by building my confidence because I don't feel my best at all and my body is still hurting after 6 weeks..I do know why the doctor said wait at least 6 weeks for ANYTHING! Trust me though, you can see in my before and after photos at the bottom of this blog just how much toning up I need to do and the 10 pounds I still need to lose! However I thought I'd share a few tips for how to bounce back fairly quick! By no means is this the gospel, it just worked for me and might for you! I also want to note that I'm not sure if it's genetics or not, I've heard many women say that. But for me, I'm not built like any other woman in my family so it can't be for my case! Literally my mom is 5'7" and 130 and I'm 5'2" and 105 at my best.

Number One: Breast Feeding.

If you choose to breast feed this will definitely help. I feel like it pulls MOST of the weight right off of you! Notice I said MOST. You might become more hungry while feeding and this leads me to my next tip!

Number Two: Eat 6-7 Times A Day.

Yes 7. That may seem like a lot but you need to eat small frequent meals to get your metabolism back on track! Those meals also need to be healthy! Don't indulge into all the crappy cravings you have, instead eat things with more protein and healthy fats! If you are breast feeding like me, you should go ahead and cut out dairy. Dairy is EXTREMELY fattening and it's the number one cause for your baby o have digestive issues, so just say goodbye! You may also need to cut out other items per your doctor! Below is my daily meals and they are repetitive but it's good for me and baby so I don't mind!


2 Egg White/Turkey Muffins (if you want this recipe ask!)


Watermelon or Steel Cut Oats


1 Turkey Cutlet


Carrots/Greek Yogurt Ranch


Chicken Breast/Black Beans or another veggie


Lactation Cookies

Number Three: Sleep!

As you saw in my last post, sleep deprivation is REAL. I actually learned this past weekend that you can DIE from this! WHAT THE HECK! Anyways, try to sleep! It will be had with your new little bundle of joy but try to share the duty with dad! As a new mommy you won't want to take your eye off he or she and when you do sleep it will be very light because your terrified of every little things that could happen, but try to relax. When you do get to the point where you trust someone else helping, utilize it every chance you get. Take naps when your baby naps, they'll be fine I promise. And you know with my anxiety if I'm telling you it's okay. it's OKAY! Your body needs sleep to bounce back and so does your mind!

Number Four: Drink Double The Amount Of Water You Should.

Yes DOUBLE. So if you don't normally drink enough water for your body weight, this will be hard. It was hard for me too and still is. It's my biggest challenge each day! Normally you need to dink an ounce per every 2 pounds you weigh. So your weight divided in half. Now, you need to drink your weight in water! It's a crazy amount but you need it! At least try your best like me. I think I've just accomplished drinking half my weight so far.

Number Five: Work Out.

This one is tricky because it depends on your doctor and if you've been released. I wasn't released until this week so I'll be just starting. Don't feel like you have to workout right away or even before your ready. Your body will tell you when it's ready and I'm personally only ready to walk and light jog (I'll keep you updated on how this goes!). This should be the last thing in my opinion to add to the list! Plus you want to lose as much weight as possible before working out because who wants to put muscle on top of fat?



Hopefully giving you this little insight into my life, will help you in your own journey of recovery! If you have any extra tips/tricks for getting your body back, feel free to share and post in the comments! And if your a mommy of more than one, I would really love to hear from you since apparently it's harder with each one. I plan on having more so any advice is appreciated!


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