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How many of you have heard of L'ANGE HAIR?! I usually see videos of influencers using L'ANGE on Facebook every time I'm scrolling my feed and I honestly used to be annoyed by how I couldn't get away from them. However, one day as I was running from the video, I started to wonder if it was truly as good as said to be? So, I reached out to the company and asked for some items in order to tell all of you my true thoughts and opinions! You should know...the company and influencers, ARE RIGHT! The products and tools ARE AMAZING!

I have extremely thick hair, it hold curls decently and its extremely long!I'm growing it out for the wedding right now and I've been tying to find products to keep it healthy that are affordable and I haven't had any success, until now! Each product below is $20 but I promise, it will last you FOREVER so it's worth it! The wand was $169 (32 mm) but again, totally worth it! Plus when you compare the wand to other comparable wands, the choice to invest into L'ANGE is an easy one!

Product Reviews:

SALT + SÉA Texturizing Spray

This spray is very light weight, and immediately adds texture. Unlike other texturizing sprays it doesn't leave your hair feeling sticky or gross. It gives it a very nice texture and I love running my fingers through it!

GRAND DÉBUT Root Booster

If you're like me, the bigger the better and you own a million tease brushes and combs! I've tried lots of root booster powders and sprays and this is the BOMB! I spray it in a few minutes before teasing, let it dry and do a couple hair flips while running my fingers through my roots ad BAM magic lift! Your hair will not be left looking stringy either or gathered.

MANAGÉ Marula Oil Hydrating Mist

I can't get enough of this one, I'm a little obsessed with the small and the fact that I barely spray any on and my hair looks so shiny and healthy! You don't want to put this near your roots because it is an oil based so it will leave it looking oily if you get to close to your scalp. However, if you follow he directions of use, you'll be amazed! I spend all day feeling and smelling my hair!

Tool Review:

LUSTRÉ 1.25 (32 mm) Blush Titanium Wand

SO I've tried a lot of wands and curling irons, and my hair hates them. It will hold curl for 30 minutes and then fall flat. It's extremely frustrating and a waste of time and money. I was ver skeptical when trying this wand but it was magic, I swear! I wanted the bigger wand for a more beachy look and it was instant success! Long loose curls that held all day! They did get looser throughout the day, but I love that! If you wanted a more tight curl or you have shorter hair than me then go for the smaller wand! I'll be buying the smaller one an a straightener ASAP! Now lets talk about the color, it's blush pink and so so CUTE. They also have white and black as options. The other thing you'll need to know is that you can choose between ceramic and titanium in each wand. Titanium is for thicker/corse and hard to curl hair and then the ceramic is for dry, damaged or easy to curl hair! Get which one you need!

I hope this helped if you were in the need of or on the hunt for great quality hair care and tools! Leave a comment with your experience!


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