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Fall Finds, Walmart Style!

There is no shame in shopping at Walmart. I've always shopped here and I used to be embarrassed growing up, but at the same time I always got compliments on my style. Now I own it! Walmart has great fashion these days and it's CHEAP! I'm a mom so I appreciate this even more! Yes I love my Nordstrom shopping sprees and my Target runs, but sometimes I need something quick so I head across the street {literally} to shop at Walmart. It never fails on my weekly grocery trip that Matt and I both find great items we can't live without! And now we find our son great items, too!

Things I found {selfishly} for myself:

1. Sherpa Pullover

Lucky for me I can wear little boys clothes {i don't really know how lucky that is}..so I grabbed this great boutique look-a-like sherpa pullover for $14 after tax!

2. Studded Mules

If you haven't noticed that mules are the "IT" shoes right now, well they are. This great pair was only $15 and I couldn't pass them up!


Fake pumpkins are my jam! They don't rot {like my ones from last year did} and they last you through Halloween and Thanksgiving! They are reusable each year because how can fake pumpkins possibly go out of style and only $1-$9 depending on which sizes you want!


Unbranded Hippie

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Denae Beedlow