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2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

Finding that perfect gift for all the special loved one's in our lives can be overwhelming and time consuming, so I took the liberty to do it for you! I've listed multiple items for the men, women and children in our lives to make it easy for you to shop this year! You can purchase these items by downloading the FREE LiketoKnow.it app and following me at {denae beedlow} or by clicking the link below each item that says purchase here! Happy Shopping!


1. The Sophie Teether

Sophie has been a lifesaver for Hayes! Not only can he chew all over her, I've noticed that she's actually a companion partner for him! She, and yes I refer to her as a person, is the best purchase I've made thus far!

Purchase Sophie Here

2. Usborne Books

These books are the coolest books for kids of all ages, including infants! I had these books in my Kinder classroom and I've bought them for my nephews and Hayes before! The Shine-A-Light books are my favorite for older children and the Muddle and Match for toddlers! Trust me, you can't go wrong with books because getting children interested in reading at an early age is EXTREMELY important! Also you can host parties online through Facebook with this company! You can get books at a cheaper cost for you and friends, look into it!

Purchase Books Here

3. C.C. Beanie

These beanies are my favorite! I have several for myself, so I decided to buy Hayes ones for his stocking to match! I love the double pom ones for children but they also have the single faux fur pom for children too. I'm thinking I'm going to buy Hayes one of these for the cold days to come, as well! These work for small children or teenagers. Extremely popular and are worthy of being wrapped up if you don't need a stocking stuffer!

Purchase Beanies Here

4. Tile Mate

This is a great gift for the teenagers in your life! If they are anything like I was at that age, or still am, then this is something they will love! Basically you can use it for anything but it's made for your keys. It's the ultimate "find me" tool for all those items you seem to lose frequently! This could be good for an adult gift too!

Purchase Tile Mate Here


1. Sport Coat

All men need a great sport coat! These can be worn on all occasions, dressed up or down. I like them too because it's a great way for your man to show his personality by opting for different materials and patterns like velvet or plaid! Matt has three coats because he wears them so often!

Purchase Coats Here

2. Beard Kit

If you have guys in your life that love their facial hair as much as we love our locks, you can't go wrong with a beard kit! And bonus for you, maybe you won't get all scratched up while kissing him the next time!

Purchase Beard Kit Here

3. Activity Adventure

Now this is my favorite! Matt is an adrenaline junkie so anything hands on that he can do, he's over the moon about it. So this can be where you get a gift card to the place you'll be taking him or put an IOU in a box with a printed out picture of the activity! Good ideas are on the page I linked but you'll have to research your own area for purchasing options. I suggest indoor skydiving or a trip somewhere of his choosing!

Ideas Here

4. Power Tools

I've never met a man who didn't like to build shit! Having even a few tools, he'll make something he can't wait to show off. Plus I've learned that the more tools Matt has, the more DIY projects he'll do and make for me! It's truly a win win, so spend that money girl!

Purchase Tools Here


1. Makeup Station

Men, this could be the ultimate gift for you to give! This is perfect for your wife or your teenage daughter. Literally the only way you could go wrong with this is if your wife or daughter has the best station already. It stores their makeup, is something you can travel with and it has the best lighting!

Purchase Makeup Station Here

2. The Ring Light

If this isn't the gift of the year, I don't know what is. This is for all the women in your life that blog, have a career in makeup or hair or who just love having the ultimate Instagram feed!

Purchase Ring Light Here

3. Makeup Brushes

Any girl who wears more than just powder and some eyeliner will appreciate these! I found 2 different options that are affordable depending on your price range. I will say, I use the cheaper ones because I actually like them best. And yes, I've used the more expensive ones!

Purchase Brushes Here

& Here

4. Leggings and Matching Sets

Even if your woman doesn't work out, I'm sure she loves running to the store in leggings and workout gear! It's a lot more comfy and effortless so most of us opt for that majority of the time, so get your girl the best! I love the ones by Aerie. It's American Eagles answer to PINK and it's more affordable. My two go-to's here are the Play High and the Play Pocket & Cuff. On the second link for sets, I've linked the bra and the matching leggings are at the bottom! A great alternative to Aerie is of course PINK by Victoria Secret, Forever 21, and Amazon!

Purchase Leggings Here

& Matching Sets Here

For all you last minute shoppers, like me, there it is! The Ultimate "Can't Go Wrong" Gift Guide! I hope your people enjoy their gifts!

Merry Christmas,

From My Family to Yours!

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