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NYE with Me.

New Year, New Me...yeah yeah, well I'm going to be the same me, but a better version! The best mommy version, the best self-confident version, the girl who isn't insecure in friendships version, the girl who doesn't care what others think version, and the strong working-woman version... yep those are my resolutions, oh and to get back in the gym! What are some of yours?

If you're staying in and snuggling with your little ones tonight, definitely invest into some comfortable New Year's attire! You can still feel like a dime while celebrating from your couch or bed! And for those of you heading out and living life out on the town in sparkle from head to toe, I've linked some stylish outfits for you below, as well! Everything is affordable as usual! Enjoy your New Year and new resolutions and have a drink for me while you're out!

Night In Gal

Night Out Gal

Love ya,


#newyearseve #outfitinspo #sparkle #cozynewyears

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Denae Beedlow