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How I Dressed My Bridal Party

As my wedding planning began one of the most stressful things to me was organizing a cohesive look for the bridal party paired with Matt and I. Tying to balance my vision, with the needs/wants of Matt and the needs/wants of each member was hectic. A lot of brides will tell you to not care what others want on that day or to not consider how others might feel, which is completely okay because it is YOUR day,but that's just not who I am! I wanted for all my girls to look like BOSS ASS WOMEN! I want to help you by telling you what I did for the day of and how I alleviated all the stress, at least from the bridal party who all seemed to be very happy! I also will list each store we used to shop for dresses, tux and the little one's!

The Bridesmaids

The best and easiest way to dress your lovely ladies is to pick a wrap dress! This is a dress that can be worn multiple ways and fit multiple body types! BEST DECISION I made. Each girl can wear the dress how she wants and feels most comfortable! If you want they can be in different color dresses or have the same color, whichever look you prefer. And if you want the extra seamless look they can all wear them the exact same way. If you want your bridesmaids to have an extra wow factor, you can throw in some sparkle somehow. I did this with two bridesmaids who were about the same height and put them in a dress of their choice with sequin. For these two in particular I chose a couple different dresses I liked and then they chose their favorite! You can also do this with jewelry, belts, hair embellishments or shoes! Another fun way for them to show their personality is by letting pick their own hairstyle within a certain style you like, I said anything with braids, or by letting them wear something of their choice to the reception!

6 Bridesmaids:

2 Burgundy Dresses

2 Taupe Dresses

1 Champagne Sequin Dress

1 Rose Gold Sequin Dress

ALL from LuLu's

LuLu's is a really cute online women's apparel store that has anything from comfy to bridal and it is VERY affordable! My girls paid under $120 for each dress! Some only paid $70 because LuLu's always has sales!


The Groomsmen are easy! Pick a color to match, Black and Gray go with everything, and go to a one-stop shop! See men need simple! Send them to a store after you have already picked it all out, to get measured and order. They will go back a few days before the wedding to pick it up! Men's Warehouse was the cheapest place I found in our area and they made it really easy for me as well. We added extra UMPH to the guys by choosing a jacket that had black piping on the collar and by choosing a burgundy vest for Matt to wear! We also did a square to dress it up, since they all wore jeans!

Groom/6 Groomsmen:

7 Gray Jackets

1 Burgundy Vest

6 Gray Vest

ALL from Men's Warehouse

The guys spent around $160 for everything.

Flower Girl, Ring Bearers & Best Man

This was fun because doesn't every bride want the little one's to look like mini-me's? I did! Make sure your flower girl is wearing the same color as you are. My dress was Ivory, so she wore Ivory too. We found a very affordable dress with sequin to match my bridesmaids at Bailey's Blossoms. You want some element of your flower girl to match your bridesmaids as well for the best cohesive look! I added a denim long-sleeve shirt over the dress for her to stay a little bit more warm and to also tie in the denim all the men and boys were wearing!

Flower Girl

1 Ivory Sequin Dress

1 long-sleeve Denim Button Down

Bailey's Blossoms and Target

Bailey's Blossoms is the cutest online children's boutique! They have things for boys and girls which are very affordable and super stylish! and Target, well enough said.

To get the attire for my nephews and son at Men's Warehouse was ridiculous. It was going to be $100 a pop, NO. So I went to amazon, found the cutest Vest which came with Tie and Bow-tie options for under $20. They had sizes from infant to school-age children and very a great quality! Plus, they got here within 2 weeks! We added the hats and boots, which they already had, to match the groomsmen! You can find these items at NRS World,

2 Ring Bearers/Best Man

3 Burgundy Vest

3 Burgundy Ties

ALL from Amazon

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