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Baby Item Must Haves!

I haven't shared with you in a while any baby items that I use or recommend, so today I'm doing that. Just to remind you, Hayes is 6 months old so depending on how old your child is, he or she may not be ready for these or may be past the point of using them! Look I'm not a super fancy mom! Yes, I like my child dressed cute and I have splurged on items like the Sophie Giraffe Teether and the Dock-a-tot {which I highly recommend both} but as far as everything "must be high end", I'm not living that lifestyle. I'm a budget girl and I don't see the need in going and buying all these products that fancier bloggers blog about when they probably don't actually use them. I live by blogging what I personally use! See my child wears the diapers that were bought for us and we have started buying parents choice wipes because they are cheap {we're actually thinking of buying in bulk at Sam's next time, thoughts?} and we have made due with bare minimum toys or "fun cute items" unless it was given to us as a present! He won't remember all the fancy stuff and trust me, you won't need half of it. Make the memories instead of buying them!

With that said, here's my new baby list to share! Remember to click on each item to shop!

Baby Item Must Haves

#1 Solimo Spoons

Okay so I have tried many brands of spoons for babies and I hated them all until my brother bought me these! Teaching a baby to eat off a spoon is semi-hard especially when they don't understand what you are showing them. I found that the Munchkin spoons that everyone told me to get had too deep of a spoon. Hayes couldn't get the food all the way off and it felt weird in his mouth. These are things you don't think of when you have your first child. Anyways my brother found these Solimo, and THEY ARE AMAZING. They are a more flexible tip, a lot more flat than deep and Hayes has responded well. He loves to bite down and rake his mouth to get all the food. For me, I love that I can use them more easily to clean his filthy face after each bite. Other brands like Nuby and Gerber, I didn't like holding in my hand or feeling like I couldn't wipe his face without hurting him. And that sounds crazy but I'm telling you, these are perfect and my hand doesn't hurt because it has a little leverage on the backside for moms finger!

#2 Peek a Boo Bear

This is the cutest toy ever! Hayes got this from a family member for christmas and it has been one of his favorites! It will talk to him, make him laugh {hysterically} and it's extremely soft for cuddling! The best part about these is that you can get them personalized with your child's name or as a gift for another child! There are different animals too but Hayes has this EXACT one, with his name! {And if you want to see more real life images, head over to my Instagram HERE where I post lot's of genuine photos!}

#3 Poo-Pourii

Alright, you may not have thought about needing this for your little one but YOU WILL. I haven't found a "baby organic" one yet, but I asked the doctor and this is okay to use around them!! It can be strong so sometimes I do like a half spray! But y'all baby poop STINKS. Especially at this age when we are transitioning to baby food. It's not the best smell and if you're like me, you'll find yourself gagging.. A LOT.

#4. Fridababy Windi

Okay so now that we're talking about the transitioning period to baby food and the side-effects.. your baby will MOST LIKELY get extremely constipated. Hayes is more so than other babies but it's very common for this to happen and they might need some help. This is the BEST tool for that. They are cheaper to buy the double pack and cheaper on Amazon than at Walmart or Target too! You might be grossed out, Matt definitely was but poop WILL NOT touch your mouth and you don't even use your mouth! He was thinking it was like the Nose Frida but it's not. It's just a little hand suction for their bottom to help release any gas or poop! BUY ONE NOW even if you're just pregnant, at some point you'll need this!

Hope a few of these make it into your house!

**Remember to shop using my links so that I get a kick-back from the store for referring you!**


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