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What to Expect After Having a Baby

Did you have anyone who warned you of things to come after giving birth to your precious little one? Nope..well me either. Sure I had plenty of people evaluating me while I was pregnant and letting me know how awful giving birth would be, but no one ever mentioned the after effects. Some you could chalk up to I probably should have assumed that, but others..no way did you all know this and I'm just the only clueless one. So if you're like me, I've made a list of what you soon-to-be mom's can expect and if you are also like me and you've already given birth and you're wondering why strange things are happening, here you go!

Hair Loss:

I've always had luscious locks of hair and yes i've lost some over the years due to natural shedding but trust me when I say HOLY COW I lost a CRAP TON. Like I have noticeable bald spots at the front of my hair line that I'm constantly trying to cover up when I have my hair in a pony. But no, thank goodness when my hair is down it's not noticeable. But I'm the mom that loves a quick messy bun, so it's annoying to say the least. At first I thought it was just breakage but then I realized that I have all this new growth growing in! I'm thankful it wants to grow back but this limbo stage is no fun!

Hair Growth:

Oh yeah you thought just loosing hair was a problem? Oh no babe, you will start growing it in strange places or it will be just a different texture in the areas you already had hair growth. Like real talk..I won't go into detail or anything, but I can't shave fast enough. I feel like I'm shaving daily now instead of two or three times a week! Og course all of this is hormone related but it's also impossible to really prevent even if you are taking those extra vitamins. It's just something our body goes through.

Teeth and Vision:

This one didn't affect me too much because if you know my story well you know I'm blind as a bat already, but I do have contacts, You also know that my mouth is constantly being worked on from the tumor. But FYI your perfectly straight teeth,.. you might suddenly be rushing to the orthodontist to get that retainer tightened. Luckily I still wore mine, yes like a dork, up until a couple years ago and so mine didn't shift too bad.However my vision which is clearly already bad, of course it got worse. But whatever I see 20/20 with my contacts so again, didn't bother me too much.


You though I might not be brave enough to talk about these..well I am. My perfect boobies that I hated oh so much because they were small...HELLO..JESUS, CAN I HAVE THEM BACK? No but really..all those years I spent complaining about them, karma sucks. And talking about sucking, it has nothing to do with breast feeding. Yes, you might be more likely to not have as big of a change if you choose not to breast feed, but I know plenty of women who still had breast changes. Heck I only breastfed for two months (God knows I wanted to longer and now you do too) and my boobs still deflated like a balloon with a hole in it. My after boob struggle definitely came from the fact that while I was pregnant, they grew so FAST and so SUDDENLY that my body couldn't handle it. I'm not left with..well you get the picture. Anyways, all those bras I bought because I was so excited about having boobs.. anyone need some? Unless I'm getting a boob job soon (which I'm not) they are useless. Oh and don't forget pregnancy can have the opposite effect too. Your breast could stay big (lucky you) but who knows some of you may not like how that shirt fits so tightly anymore. Lastly...your nipples. Brace yourself mommy, they won't be the same. Definitely not after breast feeding but if it's worth anything..I'd do it all over again!


It isn't just PPD that you should be in fear of. Which really you shouldn't fear because I ended up having it and I'm golden. Your doctor and the good Lord will help you, don't worry. But you might have other hormonal changes. Your periods may not ever be how they were before. Lucky for me, mine are lighter! You may have major mood swings which yes could be PPD but it could also just be your hormones and lifestyle. This sub-list could go on and on forever so if I didn't answer it, chalk it up to hormones and call your doctor.


This is a broad subject but honestly you could lose all your weight, get all toned back up, look better than you did before and you STILL won't feel the SAME. You never will. Everything has moved around so much on the inside that it just will never all feel the EXACT same. It's impossible so get used to it. I weigh less than I did before, yet I hate how I look naked. I hate wearing a bikini, I hate showing my stomach..I mean yes I do it, because I'm trying to live life bold and brave, but I'd be lying if I told you felt better than ever...girl no.

I could probably thing of 100 more things, but I feel like these are all most common. Bottom line, If it's weird, your acting strange or you find yourself wondering "Oh I wonder if anyone else has this or is experiencing this?"...um YES LOVE, we are. We all did! So if you have something you feel like sharing with this community, feel free to leave a comment! And if I had any typos, turn a blind eye because I was in a hurry writing this! Oh and check out my Instagram tonight because I'm totally posting a bathing suit pic..yep you don't want to miss it. LOL



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