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7 Reasons Why Making My Bed Has changed My Life With Anxiety/Depression!

If you suffer from anxiety or depression you might be shocked how much one simple thing can impact your life so greatly. If you don't suffer from either, you still might be pleased with how you feel after taking the time to make your bed each morning!

#1: Sense of Purpose

Yes, something as little as this task can start your day with an immediate sense of purpose and accomplishment. I struggle some days to get out of bed and knowing that I get to see my bed made so pretty, makes me happy. I then start to get excited about getting out of bed!

#2: The Look and Appreciating It

Now it's like i'm addicted to the pretty aesthetics my home has since I make my bed each day. I have found a sense of pride in how much effort I have put in into decorating my house to "our" perfection! I love showing it off and it keeps me HAPPY!

#3:Feelings of Positivity

So the look of your bed may not be important. You may not appreciate the clutter free and tidied appearance and that's okay! But I promise coming home to a made bed or seeing a made bed al day (for you SAHM's) will make you have at least a few positive feelings! It might be something as simple as calm or if you're like me you might feel grown-up, proud, peaceful, less stressed! It's AMAZING!

#4: Keeps it more CLEAN

Do you have pets? We do! If you make your bed, it keeps your animals' hair and sleep drool off your sheets! They will only be on top butI have even noticed that our animals don't want to get on our bed as much. It's not as comfy to sleep on a bed full of throw pillows and tightly pulled sheets!

#5:Can Improve Sleep

Do you struggle from insomnia? I do! And I'd be silly to say this can cure it, it can't! However my doctor has told me many times that having a night routine can slow your brain down and help to establish better sleep patterns. So along with my melatonin, I turn my bed down and then begin my night face cream routine and it has HELPED me!

#6:It Creates Good Habits

Once I started making my bed each morning, I started craving more organization! The feeling o having one less task throughout my day really became my driving force of creating a lot of healthy mental habits. I now make my bed, do bible study, quiet time, workout and much more!

#7: Less Stress

My anxiety is triggered my clutter, feeling suffocated or not feeling in control. Sounds awful, I know. Pretty much anything and every situation ca cause me to have an anxiety attack so I;m an advocate for medicine. But, I'm also an advocate for making your bed because its a stress reliever! It not only gives you the time for yourself that you need but you also are getting your body up and moving first thing and you're getting your brain a quick jump start to a clear mind!



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