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SWEAT, my secret to success!

It's no secret that I love to workout. All you followers know it's an important part of my mental health and it's an important part of me! About 3 years ago I started the SWEAT program. It was created and founded by Kayla Itsines. She now has other girls helping her with the program: Kelsey Wells, Chontel Duncan, and Stephanie Sanzo! Now I haven't ever done this app routinely until the past few months but these photos are from 1 month after I started to just a month ago which was a month between time span. Before I have always done it as a side program to Camp Gladiator, private training or whatever else I was doing at the time..But, as Hayes get's older, I have less time and more need to be at home working out. Since becoming a mom, this has been the best program for me to do easily and stay motivated at!

I'm DANG proud and I'm still going! Here are my reasons why I love the app most!

I Can Be At Home

Like I said above, it's easy on my time and schedule. They are 28 minute workouts, you can choose to do longer if you want, but that is the minimum effort required a day to see results! Well and you have to eat better! You also do need any equipment other than free weights and a couple small items which can easily be substituted by something you already have at home.

It's Laid Out Easy

IT'S an APP! If you feel dumb like me at the gym because you're used to being coached/you just need some skill refreshing, this is the best! You can just pull out your phone and BAM! Yes, you gym rats can use this too because no one will know the difference. Anyways, it's laid out easy to read, it has video images to show you precisely how to successfully complete an exercise and it walks you through step by step. It even has a timer and tracks your workout throughout the week.

Meal Planning

If you are terrible at knowing what to eat and how to shop healthy, they do all the work for you! You can literally pull the list up and go shop. SIMPLE.

The Community

Through the app, there is a community of women doing trying to be successful, just like you! No matter what shape, size, starting point or any other concern you may have, there is someone to help boost your confidence and talk to you! You can post progress pictures, find accountability partners, chat about questions/concerns you may have and much more! It's so easy to be connected through the app!



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