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Transitional Accessory MUST-HAVES!

Here in Texas fall can still be pretty warm! You might want a sweater one day and the next you could be wearing sandals and a light cardigan. Never the less, I've compiled my MUST-HAVE accessory list that will keep you feeling fab as the crazy weather keeps you on your toes!


You can never have too many, you can never have enough different styles and you can NEVER go wrong..well unless you're wearing a felt in the middle of summer technically, but I break that rule A LOT. Most of the time as I transition into fall you'll catch me in a cap but I also love wearing my shorties when vamping it up!

2. Sandals

Yep, sandals in Texas as we move into fall is a perfect choice! They are easy, effortless and can pair with a cardigan or light sweater believe it or not. I swear it helps regulate that body temperature to the right degrees for the humid but slight chilly day. Target has the best sandal sell in the beggining of August!

3. Jewelry

My favorite jewelry accessory right now i my anklet! It is the perfect touch of a boho flare and can go cute with sandals or sneakers, making it a great option for any outfit! This one that I've been wearing daily is from Roma Designer Jewelry! They have so many styles of accessories at the best prices for quality ratio!

If you need inspiration on where to shop, check out my LIKEtoKNOW.it feed at DENAE BEEDLOW! I link it all for easy shopping!



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